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April 1 - 30 2017
Astronomy in pictures
Humanity has, from the earliest times, looked at the stars and planets and puzzled over their movements across the heavens. In European culture from the 15th century onwards, artists have tried to illustrate the mysteries of astronomy, astrology and cosmology, using woodcuts and engravings in many hundreds of books. Adam McLean has coloured a selection of over one hundred of these emblems to provide a survey of how our ancestors depicted astronomers, their astronomical instruments, the zodiac and astrology as well as the different theories of how the universe came into being.
By researching this material and sensitively colouring these images, McLean has breathed new life into these neglected woodcuts and engravings.
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May 6 - 28 2017
The Witch Figure

The image of the witch emerged in European art from the mid 15th century. It became popularised through illustrations in books. These images created the conventional image of the witch, conjuring in a magical circle, communicating with demons, dancing in circles, flying through the air on broomsticks, creating storms and hail showers. Some of these satirize the fear of the established church of witches and these can be delightfully amusing.
Adam McLean has uncovered many of these neglected woodcuts and engravings and coloured them to make them more accesible to the modern eye.