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Thurs 10th August 2017
After having put on five interesting exhibitions, the Weekend Gallery is evolving. Watch this space for an annoucement about how we move to our next phase.

Wed 26th April 2017
Our first exhibition will close this coming weekend, so I made a quick walkthrough video. Later I will make an extended video with a commentary for our archives.

Mon 3rd April 2017
The gallery opened on Saturday. We had a good turnout and everything went smoothly. A number of people who were either artists or had contacts in the area introduced themselves to us. We were able to sign up two artists for exhibitions, so we are now fully booked up through to November. Here is a short video taken on the Saturday.

Sun 26th March 2017
The redevelopment is complete, apart from a few cosmetic enhancements, so I will begin hanging the first exhibition, which is of my coloured emblems, during the coming week.

Wed 22nd March 2017
The gallery redevelopment should be completed this weekend. The walls have now been resurfaced and the bulk of the painting has been completed. Over the next two days our plumber is installing a new water supply. There then will only remain some minor details to attend to, which allows me a full week to install the first exhibition, so we can officially open on Saturday the first of April. It has been quite an intensive month, but our gallery project is well on schedule.

Wed 22nd March 2017
Thu 16th March 2017
We are well on schedule to open on Saturday the first of April, with an exhibition entitled 'Astronomy in pictures'.

Wed 22nd February 2017
The purchase was finally agreed today and we now own the premises, so we can now start work on fitting out the shop, and turning it into a working gallery. We aim to do this within two months.